Monthly Archives: April 2013


Twice now I’ve had “nightmares” about my departure to Hong Kong. Last night I dreamt that I forgot my passport in my desk at school and only realized when I was just about to board the plane… My subconscious is really worried, I guess. I know that won’t exactly happen in real life because I’ll […]

Check, Check, and Check

As we roll into the second half of April, my preparation for the trip is becoming more and more real. 43 days, is it now? I got my plane ticket. I got my courses registered. I got my various paperwork completed. I got my phone interview with the company I’ll be placed with. At 10:30pm […]

Waking Up to Wonderful Emails

I always love it when I receive good news in the mornings when I check my email. It’s such a great way to start off a day! This morning I found out that I’ll be having a phone interview tonight with the company that I will potentially be matched up with for my internship while […]

Hello, I’m in… Delaware.

Yeah, not quite yet in Hong Kong. I’m super excited to be writing this first post. I’m kind of addicted to blogging and blogs so of course I would start a new blog for my study abroad this ┬ásummer. I wanted a place to be able to document my thoughts, adventures, and photos while immerse […]