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BRB, Frantically Learning Cantonese

In 24 hours I’ll be boarding my first leg for Hong Kong! (27 hour journey, wish my sanity luck…) I am deeply regretting not seriously studying Cantonese over these past few months now. I really love languages and would love to be able to commit to studying all sorts of new ones if not for […]

Goals, Assignment #1

As part of the course I am enrolled for being in this study abroad program I am required to complete a few journal assignments that reflect on my experiences in both my internship and the foreign country. My first prompt was “What are my goals for this summer?” and I had to identify and justify […]

My Hong Kong Wardrobe

For those of you who personally know me and my style, you know that I can get a little ‘out-there’ with my fashion choices. I love shopping vintage and trying my hand at DIY fashion, thus I have a lot of pieces of clothing that don’t always incorporate well with the rest of my clothes. […]

One Week.

I don’t I’ve ever been more overwhelmed by a cycle of packing and unpacking and packing. Yesterday was my last final and immediately after I began packing up my dorm room. After approximately 20 trips up and down four flights of stairs this morning, I was on my way back to my home.┬áNeedless to say […]

Come Back Rubber Duckie?

I just saw this on Tumblr. I am distraught by this. Someone deflated the giant rubber duck sculpture that was sitting in Victoria Bay! I was really excited that I would be in Hong Kong when it was still on exhibit. Hopefully he will be fixed and healthy again when I get there this summer. […]

Hong Kong Travel Guide by A Pair & A Spare

Hong Kong Travel Guide by A Pair & A Spare One of the reasons why I have such an affinity for Hong Kong already is through reading this DIY fashion blog, A Pair & A Spare. Geneva always has such great tutorials, fashion tips, and pictures! I just went back to one of her old […]

This pin makes things feel oddly official.

A Gigantic Rubber Duck Makes Its First Visit to China

Originally posted on TwistedSifter:
Artwork by Florentijn Hofman | Photograph by South China Morning Post   Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck has made its first visit to China. From May 2 – June 9, the 16.5 meter (54 ft) inflatable rubber duck will be bobbing around from Ocean Terminal to Harbour City, Hong Kong.…