One Week.

I don’t I’ve ever been more overwhelmed by a cycle of packing and unpacking and packing.

Yesterday was my last final and immediately after I began packing up my dorm room. After approximately 20 trips up and down four flights of stairs this morning, I was on my way back to my home. Needless to say my room at home is still a mess, but tomorrow I need to start packing for Hong Kong. Leaving after Memorial Day weekend makes things a little more complicated because I’ll be visiting family and then staying with some relatives that live near the airport.

I am completely not ready and completely ready to go at the same time.

I’ve been checking the weather in Hong Kong these past few days. It’s been consistently 84/85 degrees and thunderstorm-y every day. Except:


The weather is clearing up the day I arrive! My fingers are crossed that the weather forecast is correct and that it won’t change.

As for now, good night! I’ll be making a post about My Packing Adventures: Hong Kong Edition, the sequel to College Edition. It’s going to be personal style blog-ish.


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