Dinner, Hong Kong Style

I have so many things to write about but I’ll leave you with a little gift tonight/this morning/12 hour time differences are confusing.

Last Thursday, (yes, almost an entire week ago, but you can’t expect me to sit in my hotel room all day and write blog posts when I’m living in this crazy city) a group of us interns went out to the Temple St. Night Market for a real Hong Kong style dinner. Here’s the (almost) before and after of our meal.

P1060418 P1060419

As you can probably tell, we were devouring the dishes before all of them could make it to the table.

Someone pointed out the snails on the menu so I took it as a challenge to order them. I am no stranger to strange Asian foods. I might have eaten half of them…


We took a quick tour through the market but I’m going to have to come back another night to do some real bargain hunting.

Today was the Dragon Boat Festival! Which meant that we got off from work and went to the beach to watch the races! My roommate and I got to see a lot of Hong Kong today so look forward to a couple posts on it. And I have yet to write about Macau. I know, I’m getting to it. Tomorrow it’s back to work. While I enjoyed the day off and am a bit reluctant to go back to work so soon, I’m finally getting into this project that I’m working on. Here’s to a productive day!



  1. i spy pepper steak ❤

    1. It was actually pork but still delicious. Hong Kong has a shortage of vegetables though. Notice the lack of green.

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