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Budda, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha Statues EVERYWHERE!

Over 13,000 Buddhas to be exact. Sorry, not sorry! I could not resist when the idea popped into my head this afternoon. I waited an entire day to come back to my computer and title this blog post! And thus continues my temple hopping adventures. My second stop was the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. This attraction […]

Temple Hopping: Man Mo Temple

I may have been born and raised Catholic but Buddhism has always been a captivating philosophy to me ever since I was exposed to it in 6th grade world history. Today was Sunday, but rather than attend Catholic mass (which I’ve only done once while in Hong Kong) I visited two Buddhist temples. Yeah, I […]

Piece of Peace World Heritage LEGO Exhibit

This weekend is was my last in Hong Kong and even with everything on my To-Do list done, I couldn’t spend the weekend inside the hotel, even if it threatened to rain (and it did). has been a great resource for me when I had moments like this. I just browse the website a little and […]

You Should Check Out The University of Delaware Facebook Page.

You Should Check Out The University of Delaware Facebook Page. Hmmm I wonder Where in the world YouDee is this week? 😉

Hong Kong Museum Hopping

I really wish that as a child my parents took me to more museums. I wish that people in general would go to museums more! Museums are a great way to learn about the world and there are museums that can cater to nearly any interest. I’m not sure when my love of museums came […]

An (Asian) American in Asia

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since my last post. I’ve been slacking lately, but work has been draining and I honestly haven’t really been going out and doing much because I’ve been in need of some recovering from non-stop exploring for 6 weeks straight. I have 2 weeks left in Hong Kong […]

Journal Assignment #4, Communication and Change

This is another assignment for the required class that I am taking with my internship. I know I haven’t posted journal assignments #2 and #3 but I thought the voice was too academic for my blog. I was planning on writing about this topic on my blog anyways so I decided to choose it for […]

In a surprising turn of events

I wasn’t planning on writing a post today but something HUGE happened that I need to tell the Internet. As I mentioned at the end of my previous post, someone from GE Healthcare India has come to visit Hong Kong this week. Why do I still have a hard time believing that in this internship […]

Shek O, Mui Wo Beaches + Thoughts

This post is a week overdue and I haven’t posted in a while but here it is! Last Sunday, some girls in the fashion program and I (for whatever reason I end to hang out with the fashion students rather than the business ones lol) went to Shek O beach for our long weekend for […]

Solo Adventures in New Territories: Part II, DIY/Craft Heaven!

As I mentioned in Part I, I made plans to visit a few yarn shops on my way from the heritage trail. I planned on visiting three, found two, stupidly walked by one believing it didn’t exist, and found another one completely on accident. I also randomly found the “Bead Markets” where there were a […]