Hong Kong Museum Hopping

I really wish that as a child my parents took me to more museums. I wish that people in general would go to museums more! Museums are a great way to learn about the world and there are museums that can cater to nearly any interest. I’m not sure when my love of museums came about since I didn’t go to many as a child, but I used to volunteer for a history museum during high school giving 19th century farmhouse tours. I just love learning, history, and culture.

One of my top to-do’s in Hong Kong was to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History. I went there last Saturday with another student on the trip. I didn’t take too many pictures because I didn’t want to take away from the museum visiting experience and honestly, pictures of museums exhibits don’t live up to seeing them in person.

The Hong Kong Museum of History takes visitors through Hong Kong’s history from the prehistoric age until now.When I thought of Hong Kong, I rarely thought of those prehistoric, indigenous tribe days. I used to think, British colony, international, trade and economic hub, world city. It’s interesting how easy it is to forget about the people who came first. That’s why I’m glad that there are museums that work to preserve this history and I think that more people should visit them.

Today, I visited the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware. Hehe, I’m obsessed with tea and I love drinking it. I’d take tea over coffee any day! When I found out that there was a museum dedicated to tea in Hong Kong, I put it on my bucket list. The museum goes through different eras of tea drinking in China, with displays of different artifacts such as tea pots and tea cups. If you want to drink tea right, it is actually a really complicated process. Not to be a tea snob, but I only drink tea bags now out of convenience. If I could I’d brew a fresh pot every time.

Today I also visited City Gallery. This is a totally different kind of museum from what I’m usually interested in but I am a girl with many tastes. City Gallery is a museum dedicated to the urban planning of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is full of islands, mountains, and people. Proper urban planning is necessary to use Hong Kong’s limited resources properly. There were exhibits on the MTR (mass transit railway) system, the public parks, and the development of un-urbanized areas. I think Hong Kong is a beautiful, amazing city with such a unique combination of urbanization and conservation of its natural landscape. I think if I were to go back and change what I studied in school, I’d consider Urban Planning. In a way it is similar to what I’m studying now, but deals with cities rather than businesses.

With one more weekend left in Hong Kong, 12 days in total, I need to figure out what’s left for me to do. I say I can’t shop anymore because I’ve bought so much and I’ve spent too much money. But I can’t help it that I love clothes and style and Hong Kong has an abundance of cheap Asian brands. Museums are great because they are free or cost a $10 coin. I’m hoping for nice weather next weekend so my roommate and I can squeeze in one last hike! And I’m hoping for big progress this week at work. Only 9 more days to finish my project – let’s go!


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