Temple Hopping: Man Mo Temple

I may have been born and raised Catholic but Buddhism has always been a captivating philosophy to me ever since I was exposed to it in 6th grade world history. Today was Sunday, but rather than attend Catholic mass (which I’ve only done once while in Hong Kong) I visited two Buddhist temples. Yeah, I like tourist attraction hopping. Makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of my day.

The first was Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan. The Man Mo Temple is dedicated to the god of literature (Man) and the god of war (Mo). I have walked by this temple multiple times over the past 8 weeks and I made many efforts to visit it but I always ended up there after it closes at 6pm. Today I left the hotel at 11am, so I knew I’d have ample time even if I got distracted (which I did, by the Hong Kong Zoo & Botanical Gardens).

I love the smell of burning incense and the moment I walked in I was enveloped in it. Those spiraling cones hanging from the ceiling are actually called incense coils. Although the temple is a popular tourist destination, I still felt the spirituality intact. There were people worshipping and making food sacrifices to the alters. I may not practice Buddhism, but just being in the sacred place is a humbling and tranquilizing experience.

The temple has a gift shop as well and I found this little chart.


I’m a Monkey and apparently it’s my “broken year.” Doesn’t seem so broken yet! I’ve been given so many opportunities this year to further my education and career and I’ve been able to travel and experience the world in a whole new way. I don’t really believe in zodiac signs but they are fun to read about. Hopefully they aren’t true and the rest of this year carries on as awesome as the first half. Another interesting this is my helping zodiacs, the Rat and the Dragon. My two siblings are those exact zodiacs!

Ok, part one of temple hopping is covered. Stay tuned for part two!



  1. Can you tell me how you mamaged to be Christian but having Buddhist influences?
    You’re monkey just like my mother in law, im a goat (-.-) and my husband is a tiger 🙂 much cooler than Western zodiac 🙂

    1. Well first off I believe that all deities are part of the same one supernatural being. I write more about it in my next post. Gods are really just a manifestation of human explanations.

      I don’t exactly practice Buddhism but I really love the philosophy and how Buddhists live (ideally, not practically). Buddha was not a god, although that has kid of changed since Buddhism came in contact with Eastern ancestor worship/animistic religions. Buddha was an Indian prince who reached Enlightenment. That is why i feel comfortable loving philosophies of both Christianity and Buddhism. The idea that you can rid suffering by ridding desire is something I want to be able to do. my uncle and aunt gave me this book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Toll that I found really inspirational. It’s about adopting aspects of Buddhism (and basic ideas from all religions) into everyday life and being happy with the life you are currently living.

      I could go on but I’m writing in my phone and have to get to work! I would love to continue a discussion if you are still interested.

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