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Loose Ends and Realizations

Yesterday was my last day at GE Healthcare. What a bittersweet moment! As much as I am going to enjoy a couple weeks break from work before band camp starts, I am really going to miss my job and team at GE. It was a bit weird to leave in the middle of the testing […]

Journal Assignment #4, Communication and Change

This is another assignment for the required class that I am taking with my internship. I know I haven’t posted journal assignments #2 and #3 but I thought the voice was too academic for my blog. I was planning on writing about this topic on my blog anyways so I decided to choose it for […]

In a surprising turn of events

I wasn’t planning on writing a post today but something HUGE happened that I need to tell the Internet. As I mentioned at the end of my previous post, someone from GE Healthcare India has come to visit Hong Kong this week. Why do I still have a hard time believing that in this internship […]

Internship Update

I can hardly believe that I’ve been in Hong Kong for 4 weeks now. My trip is more than half over.¬†This has come up in conversation too many times this week. As cliche as it sounds, time flies by when you’re having fun. Even when what you consider fun is sitting in front of a […]

Working in an MNC

There is just something eye opening about sitting in on a phone conference taking place between people from all around the world. Last week I was able to observe business and globalization in action. The phone conference took place at 2pm, Hong Kong time. Time differences!¬†They sure make doing business in a multinational corporation difficult. […]

On The Job

Working a full time 40 hour work week is most definitely some kind of rite of passage to adulthood. Well, at least in my book it is. This week I started my internship with GE Healthcare and while it began kind of slow like most internships, the ball is just starting to roll down that […]